For some reason, a good number of people have fallen prey to the quite mystifying charm of the South. Tourists flock to popular destinations like the Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete, Tingko Beach in Alcoy, Tan-awan whalesharks in Oslob, Aguinid Falls in Samboan and the amazing Kawasan Falls in Badian by the thousands every year. And, regardless of our personal stance on the environmental issues that have arisen, the tourism boom has done great wonders for the many people in these southern towns.

But, wait! This buzz about the South has also unintentionally trivialized the traveling experience to these towns. They become just another items in the list to tick off. They become just another tourist destinations to arrive at and depart from. And, who can blame anyone? For many, traveling has become just another chore to go through and be done with — and this is sad.

So, we take it upon ourselves to re-define traveling in the hope of ushering a more rewarding experience. Let’s take our gadabouting a level higher and hop on. Come with us.



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We are a group of creatives based in Southern Cebu. We are self-proclaimed peripatetics with an indecent dose of fascination with everything southern. We publish reviews of popular destinations in Cebu with special focus on the South, reveal DIY hacks for our street-smart readers and take you to a whole new level of traveling experience.


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